The following explains how to use Sensu.


Prefix is a character or a character string is added to the beginning of the command.
This depends on your platform.
For prefixes on what is provided as an official service, please see the official service page.


The use of Sensu on each platform is basically based on the input of commands.
Below is a list of commands.


Terms agreement
Confirm the agreement to the Terms.
Usage: agree


You can see the help of Sensu.
Usage: help [CommandName]


Change language
Change the language.
Usage: lang LanguageCode


Balance inquiry
Query the balance of the cryptocurrency.
At the same time we will also accept tip and refund.
Required agree to the Terms.
Usage: balance CurrencyCode


Deposit address inquiry
Query the deposit address of the cryptocurrency.
Once you have accessed the deposit address you can use as many times as possible but we recommend you to refer each time in a way that others can not see the address to protect privacy.
Also, the balance is immediately reflected to 10 latest addresses, and the balance of the oldest address is reflected every 3600 seconds.
Required agree to the Terms.
Usage: deposit CurrencyCode


To withdraw the cryptocurrency.
In order to protect privacy, we recommend that you issue a command in such a way that each withdrawal address is generated every time and the address is not visible to others.
Required agree to the Terms.
Usage: withdraw CurrencyCode Amount RecipientAddress


Make rain to the user of the same platform or specified target.
The target of rain is a user who has not passed 259200 second (3 days) or more since calling Sensu last.
In addition, when the total amount can not be divided by the number of subjects of rain, the total amount will be adjusted to the amount that is divisible.
Required agree to the Terms.
Usage: rain CurrencyCode Amount [RainTarget]


Make a tip to the user of the same platform.
If you do not receive 259200 seconds (3 days) or more from the transaction, it will be refunded when you execute the balance command.
Required agree to the Terms.
Usage: tip CurrencyCode Amount Recipient


Link account
Link social account and Sensu account.
The authentication code can be displayed on the account page.
Usage: link AuthenticationCode


Unlink account
Cancel link between the social account and Sensu account.
Usage: unlink


Change password
Change the password of the linked account.
A password hash can be generated on the password hash generation page.
Usage: passwd PasswordHash